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About Gary


I was destined for a life in communications.

As a young child I ‘played radio’ pretending to be an announcer by speaking into a piece of wood which was my microphone. It was at this time that my parents knew there was something terribly wrong with their child!

When I graduated from school the program director at a small radio station felt sorry for me. He hired me believing that anybody with a history of speaking into a piece of wood was just what their 17 listeners wanted.

I honed my announcing skills at several radio stations throughout southern Ontario: becoming adept at falling asleep during all night shows, falling asleep during early morning shows, and generally mispronouncing words.

When I saw turkeys being tossed from a helicopter on WKRP, I knew I wanted a career in promotions. I became a Partner at an advertising agency– and communications took on a whole new meaning. It was in the advertising business that I learned to bill clients an hourly fee for dreaming up ideas that they believed were outstanding!

Eventually, public relations beckoned. I convinced the President of a hospital/healthcare system that he needed me. He asked if I had any experience speaking to the media. I didn’t mention the bit about the wooden microphone!

Now I am one of those retired baby boomers you read about– the ones who need all those hip and knee replacements. You also see my fellow baby boomers in television commercials where drug manufacturers feature us in the background of their commercials: we are usually holding hands with our spouse hiking though the forest or taking ballroom dancing lessons.

My wife still enjoys going to work. Each morning as she leaves I say, “Honey, have a great day. Retirement isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.” So far she believes me!