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Posted by on Nov 14, 2022 in Do It Yourself home repair, Gary Chalk, Humor, humour, Snoring |

Living Retired — ‘I Snooze I Lose’

Living Retired — ‘I Snooze I Lose’

Living Retired — ‘I Snooze I Lose’

By Gary Chalk.

Have you taken up the sport that is all the rage these days, pickleball? I haven’t. Instead, I am into another activity — snoring.

It began one morning a few months back when Jan said, “Gary, do you know you are snoring so much that I can’t sleep?”

“Jan how would I know I am snoring so much that it wakes you up? I am sleeping!”

The only proof Jan can provide that I snore are the bruises on my body from when she leans over and smacks me in the middle of the night. WHACK!

Stirring her coffee at breakfast, Jan said, “Gary, I am very sorry, but you are snoring like a freight train and the only way I can get your attention is to whack you.”

Massaging the welts on my ribs, I said, “Jan, I already stick one of those nasal strips on my nose. Maybe I should also wrap myself in bubble wrap so when you smack me I won’t bruise.”

“Gary don’t be silly. I am trying to have a serious conversation and you suggest coming to bed covered in bubble wrap! Besides, if … Read the rest here

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