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Living Retired #205- July 24, 2017

Posted by on Jul 22, 2017 in Humor, humour, Retirement humor, Retirement Humour, Retirement Living, Uncategorized |



An automatic dishwasher is a beautiful thing– when it works.


First, you lightly rinse the leftover Kraft Dinner and ketchup from the dishes and silverware before loading everything into your ultra-quiet stainless steel dishwasher. Then, add lemon-scented ‘Destroys Baked on Food’ dish detergent and press START.


An hour later it is time to empty the dishwasher. You remove the half-cleaned plates and silverware– caked with remnants of leftover Kraft Dinner and ketchup– that were heat-sealed by a near-nuclear infrared heating process during the Power Scrub Plus cycle.


You transfer the ‘sort of clean’ plates and silverware to the sink. Add hot water and liquid ‘Removes Toughest Grime’ dish detergent, and with some sort of scrubbing  device officially referred to as ‘the thingy we use to clean the guck off the plates’– curse as you scrape the dishes clean!


That’s how an automatic dishwasher is supposed to work.


But then it happens…


“Dear, is there any reason why there is water on the kitchen floor underneath the dishwasher?”


The rule of Household Appliance Malfunction– HAM– dictates that automatic dishwashers are factory programmed to break down the day after the … Read the rest here

Living Retired #204- July 17, 2017

Posted by on Jul 16, 2017 in Humor, humour, Retirement humor, Retirement Humour, Retirement Living, Uncategorized |



The fastest growing segment in North America– next to middle age women calling 9-1-1 to report flocks of large birds with long beaks making nests in their husbands ear hair– is baby boomers.


Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964– in other words they were raised on canned cream of corn, chewed Thrills Gum, and watched Bonanza while dipping potato chips in dried onion soup mix mixed with sour cream.


These days baby boomers watch cable television networks with commercials that appeal to our achy knees, cataracts, high cholesterol, uncontrolled blood pressure, and nagging irritable bowels. We relate to the happy couples in these commercials because they are shown in typical baby boomers situations such as accompanying your spouse to ballroom dance lessons, hiking through the giant redwoods in the Muir woods, and something I know all my baby boomer friends do each day: sit in an outdoor bathtub overlooking a mountain range with beautiful wild flowers!


How many baby boomers are there?


Well put it this way: doctors report they are running out of special parking stickers for baby boomers suffering chronic knee pain to place on their … Read the rest here

Living Retired #203- July 10, 2017

Posted by on Jul 9, 2017 in Humor, humour, Retirement humor, Retirement Humour, Retirement Living, Uncategorized |



Spoiler alert! NOT!


At first I was going to advise readers who have been painstakingly planning their daughter’s wedding for the past 12 months not to read this column.


Then it hit me!


Anyone who has spent the past year handholding an anxious bride-to-be AND putting up with an overbearing wedding planner has been institutionalized by now– with no access to glossy wedding magazines or sharp objects.


For men, weddings take all the fun out of summer.


During summer men are supposed to be on a golf course; not in a quaint stone chapel that’s not air-conditioned.


It’s alright for men to sweat wearing polo shorts with a cigar in their hand on the golf course. It’s not alright for a guy to be sitting on a stiff wooden pew sweating in a suit and long sleeve shirt and matching tie his wife picked out.


In the summer, men are supposed to enjoy whacking golf balls into the woods and water traps. And driving golf carts through condominium complexes, across residential streets to retrieve golf clubs that were thrown in a fit of … Read the rest here

Living Retired #202- July 3, 2017

Posted by on Jul 2, 2017 in Humor, humour, Retirement humor, Retirement Humour, Retirement Living, Uncategorized |



It’s a fact.


Middle age men can grow enough ear hair to attract a flock of red-breasted meadowlarks to build a nest in our auditory canal.


But ask us to grow grass in the backyard, well, that’s a different matter all together.


Men appreciate a lush expanse of red fescue, perennial ryegrass, bluegrass, Bermuda grass, or even bent grass– if it’s on a golf course. But trying to grow grass at home is impossible. It’s like telling Trump that he can’t use Twitter.


Women, on the other hand, figure it can’t be too much to ask for the front lawn to look like the photoshopped pictures you see on fertilizer bags.


“Dear, are you going to do something about this terrible looking lawn this year? I don’t want the neighbours to read about us on the front cover of Godawful Gardener!”


So, here are my ‘8 Steps To Wasting Your Time Trying To Grow Grass.’ This plan comes with a conditional, ironclad 3-part guarantee: 1) Your lawn may look ‘somewhat greenish’, 2) Your wife may be ‘somewhat pleased’, and 3) The neighbourhood dogs … Read the rest here

Living Retired #201- June 26, 2017

Posted by on Jun 25, 2017 in Humor, humour, Retirement humor, Retirement Humour, Retirement Living, Uncategorized |



Fake news…


Home designers describe a deck as ‘an extension of your home; an outdoor oasis for entertaining your friends with summer drinks and canapés.’ Makes a guy want to puke!


Real news…


Your wife describes your deck as ‘a place she won’t put her Pier 1 eight-piece rattan furniture set with sun-resistant fabric cushions that match the brick mortar until her husband once and for all GETS OFF HIS DUFF AND FIXES THE ROTTED BOARDS! DID YOU HEAR ME??”


WHOA! Message received!


The professionals have a rule of thumb about home handyman projects: measure twice, and cut once. This is easy for them to say because they actually have their thumbs! On the other hand– I couldn’t resist!– home handymen are ‘all thumbs’ bother literally and figuratively after accidentally power-stapling their thumbs installing engineered hardwood flooring renovating the kitchen.


But I’m here to say it doesn’t matter how many times you measure. Not when the most important tool hanging from your tool belt is a bottle opener! Believe me.


I asked– okay coerced!– my friend Rick to help me with a ‘little’ deck repair job … Read the rest here

Living Retired #200- June 19, 2017

Posted by on Jun 18, 2017 in Humor, humour, Retirement humor, Retirement Humour, Retirement Living, Uncategorized |



Note to Wolf Blitzer…


Did you not read the memo??


Last week the words on the television screen said, ‘DEVELOPING NEWS’: Dennis Rodman is travelling to North Korea and may show his tattoos and ear piercings to Kim Jong-un and play a little one on one basketball.


But you aren’t reporting what’s happening here in Ontario…


The people who sell us our alcohol may be going on strike! You heard me right: we may not be able to buy booze!


Now if this isn’t ‘DEVELOPING NEWS’ or even ‘BREAKING NEWS’ I don’t what is?


Wolf, imagine what this could mean!


14-million people live in Ontario. That’s a lot of people walking around in toques, saying ‘Eh’ going through alcohol withdrawal. Not a pretty picture.


But it gets worse…


Organizers of the high school proms are beside themselves: a strike could make it difficult for underage drinkers to stock up for their graduation parties!


Emergency meetings of Boards of Education have been called. They are developing plans to have home room monitors drive across to Buffalo New York to stock up at ABC liquor outlets!… Read the rest here